About Mont Blanc


Montblanc is a German manufacturer and distributer of luxury goods, founded in Berlin in 1906, and currently based in Hamburg. The company is most known for its luxury pens and also designs and distributes bags, small leather goods, and watches. Since 1993, Montblanc has been part of the Swiss Richemont group.The brand has remained at the top of its game by incorporating the latest technologies and focusing on quality and great design. The brand pairs its technical expertise with stories and inspiring people and events to create collections that are a testament to human ingenuity and Montblanc’s ability to create products that inspire generations. While Montblanc is best known for its superbly crafted fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens, they are also known for their fine leather accessories including wallets, belts and bags. Their belts and cufflinks are often linked to their fine writing instrument collections, producing beautiful accessories for any occasion.


A Hamburg banker, Alfred Nehemias, and a Berlin engineer, August Eberstein, produced simple pens in 1906. After a short period of time Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen, and later Claus Johannes Voss took over the business. Their first model was the Rouge et Noir in 1909 followed in 1910 by the pen that was later to give the company its new name, Montblanc. The Meisterstück name was used for the first time in 1924. Today, the Montblanc brand is on other goods besides pens, including watches, jewellery, fragrances, leather goods, and eyewear.The company was founded in 1906 as Simplizissiumus-Füllhalter in Berlin, and in 1907, moved to Hamburg and changed its name to Simplo Filler Pen Co. GmbH; it was incorporated under that name in 1908. Its current name was adopted in 1934. Montblanc was acquired by Alfred Dunhill Ltd. in 1977, following which lower price pens were dropped, and the brand was used on a wide range of luxury goods other than pens.

Why should you buy a Mont Blanc watch?

Montblanc watches are good. More, they are less expensive than they should, given their quality and legacy. They're a German brand but all the watches featured below are Swiss made to the highest standards. Their watches are well built and include some of the highest quality components available.